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For Parents of GLBT Teens

Parents of gay teens often have a lot of questions and concerns. Here is what parents of GLBT youth need to know.

PFLAG: A Place Where Parents of Gay Children Can Get Support
Parents of gay children can get support for themselves from the organization, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).

Did I Make My Child Gay?
Parents wonder, did I make my child gay? The answer is no.

What Kind of Life Will My Gay Child Have?
Information for parents wondering, "What kind of life will my gay child have?"

How Can I Support My Gay Child?
Information for parents on how to support a gay child.

A Parent's Reaction to a Gay Child Has a Big Impact
It is no surprise that support from parents is important for a gay child. A recent study confirms that positive reactions by parents of gay teens result in happier and healthier youth.

The Causes of Sexual Orientation
There a few different theories as to the causes of sexual orientation. Some people believe it is a natural, inborn trait while others think that sexual orientation emerges as a result of our environment. Today many people argue it is actually a combination of both.

Is Being Gay a Choice?
A lot of people ask, "Is being gay a choice?" Most people agree that sexual orientation is not something you can choose or change.

Are Teens Too Young to Be Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender?
It is definitely possible for teens to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Some people are aware of a GLBT orientation from childhood. For others it is something that only emerges later in life.

Can Gay Men and Lesbians Be Parents?
can gay men and lesbians be parents? The answer is yes!

When Parents Don't Believe Teens Are Gay
A lot of parents don't believe that teens can be gay. Here's why this is complicated.

Teens Often Fear Family Rejection After Coming Out
The fear of dealing with family rejection after coming out is a big hurdle for a lot of teens.

GLBT Teens' Experiences Coming Out to Parents
Coming out to a parent is never easy and they are a whole bunch of ways they may respond. Here some GLBT teens share their experiences with coming out to mom and dad.

Having Gay Family
Having gay family is pretty common. Here's one family's experience.

Three Religions Take on Gay Issues
Though a lot of individual congregations teach that it is wrong to be gay, this view is not universal and a close reading of religious texts often shows that it is possible to be gay and a practicing Christian, Jew or Muslim.

Letter from a Proud Mom of a Gay Son
After reading about some of the negative experiences that GLBT teens have had with their parents, a mom of a gay teen felt compelled to write in about her positive reaction to having a gay child. As she writes: "My husband and I support our son, love him unconditionally and couldn't be more proud of him."

How Adults Can Support Gay Kids
Here are some tips for adults who want to help GLBT teens.

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