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Are You Ready for Your First Lesbian Sex Experience?

What Girls Need to Know Before Becoming Sexually Active


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Are you a teen lesbian thinking about having sex with another girl for the first time? If so, you might have some specific concerns and questions about whether you are ready, and if so, what the experience will be like.

Are You Ready for Sex?

Sex can be a big deal, and one of the best ways to have a positive first experience is if you are ready. But how can you tell you're ready? One way is to ask yourself some serious questions like:

  • Do I want to be in a relationship before I have sex?
  • Do I think I might feel different about my partner after having sex?
  • How do I think sex will affect my relationship?
  • Am I having sex to make someone my girlfriend?
  • What if having sex ends my relationship?
  • Am I having sex because I'm worried that my partner will break up with me if I don't?
  • Am I comfortable telling my partner my likes and dislikes?
  • Would I feel comfortable telling my partner if something didn't feel good?
  • If something goes wrong or I have an emergency, do I have an adult who I can talk to?

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If This is the First Time You've Ever Had Sex

If you have decided that you are ready to have sex, there are still a number of things teen lesbians might want to think about. For example: Is this something you are going to talk about with your parents? How you are going to protect yourself from STDs (because, yes, lesbians can get infections from female partners )? And, when and where are you actually going to have sex?

You should also keep in mind that society puts a lot of emphasis on the "first time." As a result, teens, both gay and straight, often have really high expectations and romantic ideas about what they want from the experience. But the first time people have sex doesn't always look like something out of a Hollywood movie (let alone a porno). Often the first time you have sex (whether with a new partner or for the first time altogether) it is more a of a process of discovery and exploration.

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If You've Had Sex With a Male Partner Before

Some teen girls who are bisexual or lesbian have had sex with guys before they ever have sex with another girl. If they are bisexual, maybe they just met a male partner first. Maybe they were exploring. Maybe they were figuring out their sexual orientation. Maybe they weren't out and had boyfriend as a "cover." Whatever the reason, your first time with another girl, might not be the first time you have ever been sexual with another person.

But what is different about having sex with a guy and having sex with a girl? One girl on the forum says that to her the difference between sex with a guy and sex with a girl is that, "Sex with a guy is just normal and "supposed" to happen. But sex with a woman is just beautiful, more enjoyable." Of course, everyone is going to have a different take!

One thing that will be the same for everyone is that fact that while you should still protect yourself from STDs, you don't have to worry about protecting yourself from pregnancy when having sex with another girl. Many women also feel that having sex with someone who shares their anatomy is a unique experience. Some women find that same sex partners understand their bodies in different ways than male partners. Additionally, while some girls enjoy vaginal penetration with a female partner, others don't. And whether or not this is part of your sex play, many women who have sex with other other women don't feel that vaginal penetration needs to be the focus of the sexual experience.

Tips for the First Time You Have Sex With Another Girl

But what should you expect after getting into bed? There are no hard and fast rules and everyone has a different definition of sex. Still, the Guide to Lesbian Life offers these tips on your first lesbian sexual experience that can be helpful whatever type of sex play you have.

  1. Get to know your own body.
  2. Go sober.
  3. Go Safe.
  4. Fantasize.
  5. Leave the toys in the drawer.
  6. Relax.
  7. Communicate.
  8. Have realistic expectations.

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Sex can be a big deal. Hopefully, having more information will help you have the safest most enjoyable experience during your first lesbian sexual encounter.

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