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What Gay Teens Think About Gay Marriage


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Losamo's Views on Same Sex Marriage
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Gay marriage just makes sense to a lot of teens.

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Losamo's says:

Besides the unconstitutionality of denying rights to one specific group of people, our government is currently defining marriage on the basis of something religious. And the last time I checked, our government was a secular nation. So either our government stops issuing marriages to everybody and gives out civil unions to all, or they allow all to be married. And by all, I mean every single person shall have the right to marry any other single person they so desire, and every single marriage will receive the exact benefits and protection, regardless of the conditions of either party.

Did you know, Barack Obama's parents would not have been able to marry in 1/3 of the country at the time because interracial marriages were not allowed? Imagine the countless children that could be included in the new families resulted in gay marriage. Those children might someday grow up to find a cure for cancer, or AIDS, or find a miracle energy source. Now my question to conservatives is this... are your REALLY pro-life?

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