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Camilo Arenivar, HomoRevolution Organizer

Questions for Camilo Arenivar

How did the HomoRevolution tour come to be?

In 2006, I was talking to Deadlee, who I manage, about a tour for his next CD. I mentioned a couple of support acts who were also LGBT hip hop artists and the word spread. I asked him what he thought about calling it HomoRevolution and the rest was history. It explanded and grew into what it became.

Who is your primary audience? Do you play all-ages shows?

Our primary audience has ended up being LGBT People who watch LOGO, who pay attention to artists on the internet, primarily MySpace. We have not done a lot of all ages shows because most places that would let us do the shows at their venues were gay bars or clubs.

Our primary audience is not who we want our primary audience to be. We want ALL the LGBT people of all ages who listen to top 40, hip hop and all kinds of rap, people who like music that carries a message about things happening in their life, we think all these people would find something beneficial from the artists on the tour.

What has the response been like from the wider hip hop community?

Repulsion and disgust for the most part. They are practicaly offended at our existence. Oh well. We never thought they would become part of our audience. What we would like to see is some of the gay audience that gives money to haters like Eminem, DMX and 50cent come round and support the talented LGBT hip hop artists.

What's in store for the future?

Speaking of all ages events, our first show in 2008 is on March 15th at the True Colors Inc's 15th Annual Queer Youth Conference at the University of Connecticut. We are going to have a show the following day on Sunday, March 16th in Boston, MA, probably at a bar, though. We hope to do larger scale events, such as many Pride festivals and University type of events. We are not done getting the message out.

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