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Tegan and Sara: Twin Sister Singer Songwriters


Tegan and Sara: Twin Sister Singer Songwriters

Tegan and Sara

Photo (c) Tegan and Sara Quin



Tegan and Sara Quin are twins who also happen lesbians and singer songwriters from Calgary, Alberta.

At fifteen they picked up guitars and started recording music. By the end of the 1990s they had signed to Vapor Records and had begun to tour with fellow Canadians like Neil Young and the New Pornographers.

Tegan and Sara's music has also been featured on TV and in movies.



Tegan and Sara have put out multiple albums. These include:

  • Yellow Demo (1998)
  • Orange Demo (1998)
  • Red Demo (1998)
  • Under Feet Like Ours (1999)
  • This Business of Art (2000)
  • If It Was You (2002)
  • So Jealous (2004)
  • The Con (2007)
  • Sainthood (2009)
  • Get Along (2011)
  • Heartthrob (2013)


On Sexual Orientation and Adolescence:


Sara wrote the forward to Kate Bornstein's book, Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws.

In it she says, “I don’t think it was my mother’s support of our color-blind preferences in outerwear or the androgynous haircuts in elementary school that turned us into lesbians. But her patient, supportive, parenting did leave me feeling fairly confident upon my arrival at the threshold of adolescence.”

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