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Can Teens Attend Gay Pride?


Can Teens Attend Gay Pride?

Gay Pride Parade

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Question: Can Teens Attend Gay Pride?
Teens often wonder if they can attend gay pride or go to a gay pride parade. Luckily, many events are open to GLBT youth.

Sometimes events related to gay pride are for people who are over 18 or 21, but a lot of events are open to everyone, regardless of age. One of the best ways for teens to enjoy pride is to go to a Pride Parade. These are usually held in the day and don't have age limits.

As one teen said of his first Pride Parade experience,

"We had fun! Loved the music! Loved the festivity! LOVED the freedom of expression and all the LOVE! It has so hard seeing the parade as everyone was standing on stools and seats, but we did get some of the view. All over, an INCREDIBLE experience!"

A lot of cities also hold special pride events for teens. You can find out more about what is happening for gay pride in your area by contacting your closest GLBT community center.

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