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Positive News on Gay Prom Experiences

A Lot of Teens Still Run into Problems, But More & More Are Not




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Despite Challenges, Positive Prom Developments for Gay Teens

Even though gay teens are legally permitted to take a same sex date to prom, many are told that they cannot attend with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Luckily, more and more schools are making prom a welcoming place for GLBT and hetero students alike.

Here are some positive gay prom experiences!

First up: Derrick Martin and Richard Goodman. These California teens went to their prom together after a long hard fight that got Derek kicked out of his house. Ultimately, though San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reports: "Derrick and Richard held hands as they showed up at the red carpet leading into the prom, and like all the other couples they were announced to the crowd. Some in the crowd whispered to each other, but many give the couple a loud cheer."

Next: North Carolina teens, Chase and Jordan. When Chase was told by his school that he wasn't allowed to bring a same sex date to prom his mom got involved. Contacting the school she informed them that denying the teen the right to bring a same sex date to prom was actually against the law. Shortly after, the school told the boys that they could attend together.

Also: A Florida high school recently crowned both a transgender prom queen and an openly gay prom king at the same dance! As Andii Viveros, the prom queen told MSNBC, "[This] could open up doors for others who don't have a lot of encouragement."

And from our very own reader: KitteryTide. He writes, "So I met this guy. On Friday, we went to the mall and shopped about for a bit then went to back to his house and played video games in his room til we started making out. Anyway, yesterday we went to see Alice in Wonderland. He asked me to prom, and I said yes. I'm so happy!:) The school doesn't have anything against same-sex dates, which rocks. We are going to get tuxes on Saturday."

Remember, if you go to public school in the United States, then you are legally allowed to bring a same sex date to prom. Your right to do so is actually protected under the First Amendment as a right to expression. Additionally, you have a right to protection and an environment free from sexual harassment at school. This is protected by something called Title IX.

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