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Gay Teen Fiction

Authors Gay Teens Should Check Out


Hit the Road Manny
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Looking for something to read? Here are some authors you should check out!


David Levithan

David Levithan's latest book, written with John Green is called Will Grayson, Will Grayson, which tells the story of two boy, who share a name, but little else, until a meeting that brings them together.

Levithan is also the author of a number of other books including, How They Met, and Other Stories, and Boy Meets Boy, which the author describes as, "A dippy, happy gay love story."

April Lurie

What do you do if your dad is the "Bible Answer Guy" and Will, the new gay kid at school, has a crush on you? If you're Noah Nordstrom, first you get a little wierded out. But then when something terrible happens to Will your whole perspective on the issue changes. If you like murder mysteries, suspense and gay teen themes, then you should definitely check out April Lurie's book, The Less Dead

Nick Nolan

Nolan's book, Strings Attached may be a better bet for older readers, who are likely to enjoy the coming of age story of a closeted teen , a little mystery and the challenges that come with being part of the inner circle.

Jennifer McMahon

Jennifer McMahon's My Tiki Girl tells the story of two girls, one broken physically and emotionally after a devastating accident and another breaking all the rules. McMahon is also the author of two other books, Island of Lost Girls and Promise Not To Tell.

Christian Burch

Christian Burch was a real life manny (that's a male nanny, for the uninformed) who took his own experiences as the inspiration for his books, The Manny Files and Hit the Road Manny. Both books follow the adventures of a family and their gay babysitter.

Sarah Ryan

Sara Ryan writes comics and novels.

Her second book, The Rules for Hearts introduces, the character, Battle Hall Davies who, "Is sure of some things: she’s going to Reed; she loves girls; and her older brother, Nick, is cooler than she could ever be."

Brent Hartinger

Brent Hartinger recently published the book, The Order of the Poison Oak about a gay teenager who spends the summer working at a camp for burn victims.

The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books called the book, "A nice change from more angst-ridden stories of young gay relationships."

This is just the tip of the iceburg. You can check out some more in depth reviews and author interviews, by following the links below. And, for the best book reviews and recommendations for GLBT teens on the Internet, head right over to Lee Wind's blog, "I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell Do I Read?"

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