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Positive News on Gay Prom Experiences
Though many gay teens have been told that they aren't allowed to bring a same sex date to prom, more and more GLBT high school students are able to do so without encountering problems. Here are a few positive gay teen prom experiences.

Gay Teen New Year's Resolutions
Many people make New Year's resolutions. Here are the top five New Year's resolutions for gay teens.

Gay Teen Love Stories
Here are some great gay teen love stories!

Homophobia in Music
Despite advances in gay rights, homophobia in music continues to appear.

Gay and Lesbian Themed Comics
Gay and lesbian themed comics and graphic novels, often dealing with teen issues are becoming more common.

How Gay Teens Can Beat Boredom
Here are 8 tips for gay teens looking to beat boredom!

What is Drag?
Drag refers to dressing in the clothes and adopting the persona of someone of the opposite gender. Drag kings and queens often use drag as a form of performance.

What's "Emo" About Being Gay?
Emo is more than just a style of music, and sometimes it is associated with gay teens.

When Straight Actors Play Gay Roles
Over the years, more and more stright actors have taken on gay acting roles.

Should You Speak UP When You Hear Gay Jokes?
Are gay jokes ever okay? Should you speak up every time someone makes a crack about sexual orientation?

Gay Jokes - Are Gay Jokes Ever Okay
Are gay jokes ever okay? Should you speak up every time someone makes a crack about sexual orientation?

San Francisco's GLBT History Museum
The first GLBT History Museum in the United States is located in San Francisco and run by the GLBT Historical Society.

"Be a Superhero"
A group of Canadian teens had their anti-homophobia PSA, "Be a Superhero" screened at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

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