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Transgender Teens

What You Need To Know Now!


Whether it's finding role models, seeing a doctor or making friends, there's a lot of important information transgender teens need to have.

1. Transgender Life

Transgender individuals may have the genitals of one sex, but a gender identity usually associated with the other. For example, a person born with a penis who feels female may identify as transgender.

Many young people come out as transgender in their teens or twenties, and transgender teens have many more support networks today than ever before. Unfortunately, many transgender teens still face harassment, discrimination and violence, at school, from their families, and from strangers.

That's why it is crucial to find support whenever possible! Read More.

2. Transgender Terminology

Image (c) stephendi

Like gender, language can be fluid. In some circles a term might mean one thing, while in others it might mean something different altogether. Even so, having a general understanding of the language used to discuss transgender life can be a really important step in becoming a more inclusive society. Read More.

3. Health Issues for Transgender Teens

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Transgender teens have the same health concerns as any other young people. However, there are some transgender health needs that are unique.

Issues surrounding transitioning, (altering one's gender presentation to match one's gender identity) and even accessing appropriate health care can all present challenges. Read More.

4. 7 Role Models for Transgender Teens

Casey Identifies as a Pre-Op FTM Transgender Teen.
Image (c) Casey

A lot of people feel alone in the world. This can be particularly true for transgender teens who may not know anyone else in their situation. But there are actually a lot of inspiring transgender individuals out there.

While the people included might not all seem like "role models" in the traditional sense, (I don't think any of them are going to be telling you to stay off of drugs in the near future) they are definitely paving the way for trans youth. Read More.

5. What is Gender and Other Questions

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Gender identity refers to the feeling that you are male, female or transgender. Many things contribute to the formation of gender identity, including society, family and factors that are in place before birth.

A lot of teens have questions about gender. Some common ones are:

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