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LGBT Basics: Background Info on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

 LGBT Basics for Teens offers comprehensive, youth focused background information on sexual orientations and gender identities.
  1. Bisexual Teens (18)
  2. Common Questions About LGBT Teens (40)
  3. Gay Teens (32)
  4. Information for Parents (11)
  5. LGBT 101 (15)
  6. Lesbian Teens (34)
  7. Sexual Orientation 101 (6)
  8. Terminology and Slang (7)
  9. Transgender Teens (33)

What Are the Best Parts About Being Gay
We are so used to hearing how hard it is to be a gay teen, that we often forget that this isn't the whole story. But there are some pretty things awesome thing about being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Share your ideas on what the best parts about being gay are here.

What Gay Teens Say is the Best Part About Being Gay
Everything from a great emotional connection to not feeling like you have to conform to society's rules are some of the things GLBT teens say are the best parts about being gay.

Being Gay Curious
Questioning your sexual orientation or being gay curious, is really common for a lot of teens.

Five Fast Facts About GLBT Teens
Here are five important facts about gay teen life.

An overview of issues relevant to lesbians.

Transgender Life
Information on being transgender.

An overview of issues relevant to bisexual teens.

What is Pansexuality?
Pansexuality (sometimes called omnisexuality or polisexuality) refers to feeling attraction to people regardless of their gender identities, sex or sexual orientation.

What's it Like to Be a Gay Teen Today
Today's gay teens have more opportunities than ever, but that doesn't mean that everything is easy.

What Can I Do If I Don't Want to Be Gay?
Are you a GLBT teen who has ever thought, "I don't want to be gay?" If so, you aren't alone!

Figuring Out Sexual Orientation
Here is everything you need to know about figuring out your sexual orientation.

Gender Stereotypes and the Origins of Homophobic and Sexist Put Downs
In high schools all over, gender stereotypes mean that the worst thing a boy can be called is gay and the worst thing a girl can be called is a slut.

The Evolutionary Explanation for Being Gay
There is an evolutionary benefit to gay men and lesbians.

Moving Beyond Straight, Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual
For most people, the term sexual orientation refers to being gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight. But more and more individuals are expanding this definition. In fact, more and more teens and young people are identifying as pansexual, asexual, or questioning.

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