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Here is information specifically for gay male teens on everything from lifestyle to health and dating.
  1. Gay Teen Sex and Body Questions (11)

What Gay Teens Need to Know About the Penis
When it comes to a guy's body, the part that tends to get the most scrutiny, is one that the fewest people see, namely his penis. Here's what gay teens need to know about their penis.

Jakalope's Story of Gay Teen Drug Use
16-year-old, Jakalope, shares his story of drug use as a gay teen.

Colby's Story
17-year-old Colby, shares his thoughts on coming to terms with being gay.

What All Gay Teens Need to Know
Are you a gay teen wondering about your health, sex life or how to meet people? Have you been thinking about getting involved with the gay community? Are you concerned about homophobia or your rights? Of so, this is the place to find information!

The Myth of the Gay Pedophile
Who do you think is most likely to be a pedophile? If you said a gay man, you've mistakenly bought into the gay pedophile myth.

Myths About Gay Men
There are many generalizations about gay men. About guide to gay life, Ramone Johnson, takes on some of the more common ones.

Gay Men: What is is Like to Be a Gay Man?
Gay men are romantically, and / or physically attracted to other men. Being gay, or homosexual, is one sexual orientation.

Gay Men & Masculinity
A lot of people cofuse ideas about gender with ideas abiout seuxal orientation. As a result, there are many myths about gay men and masculinity.

How Can I Stop Feeling Ashamed That I'm Gay
A teen admits that he often feels ashamed to be gay and asks how to feel better about himself.

Gay Teen Questions About Circumcision
Gay teens have a lot of questions about penis circumcision. Like: It is better or worse to be circumcised? What do partners prefer? And, "If I don't like being circumcised is there anything I can do about it?"

Am I Gay or Bisexual?
Teenage guys who are trying to figure out their sexual orientation often wonder if they are gay or bisexual.

Am I Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender?
Are you gay? Only you can answer the question, "Am I Gay?" Here is some information for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teens on figuring out the answer.

Gay Teen Sex Regrets
Though a lot of teens have really positive experiences with sex, others have sex that leaves them feeling sad, or embarrassed or ashamed. There are a lot of reasons that this can happen for GLBT teens.

News About Young Gay Men & HIV
After a steady decline in new HIV cases, the AIDS virus is again on the rise in young gay men.

Gay Bear
A gay bear is term for a subculture of gay men who are often hairy, large or chubby.

How Did You Know You Were Gay?
GLBT teens often feel different than their straight peers from an early age. Here some gay teens share their stories and answer the questions: When did you know you were different and how did you know you were gay?

Can I Turn My Crush Gay?
Professionals agree that you can change someone's sexual orientation. But that doesn't mean that some gay teens don't hope to turn a straight crush gay.

What Are the Signs That a Guy is Gay?
A lot of people wonder how to tell if someone is gay or what the signs are that a guy is gay.

Are You Ready for Your Gay Lesbian Sex Experience?
Gay teens who are thinking about their first sexual experience with a male partner often have a lot of concerns.

Is it Wise for a Gay Teen to Date an Older Guy?
A 15-year-old gay teen has a crush on a guy in his twenties and wonders if pursuing something is a good idea. Unfortunately, doing so could get the older partner in trouble if he breaks statutory rape laws, and it could be tough for the younger partner if there is an uneven power balance.

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