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GLBT Teens' Experiences Coming Out to Parents


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GLBT Teens' Experiences Coming Out to Parents
GLBT Teens' Experiences Coming Out to Parents

A Proud Mom at Gay Pride.

Photo (c) Justin Sullivan

Coming out to your parents can be tough. You might feel scared, nervous or excited. They might react positively or negatively. They also might be kind of ambivalent or hard to read.

Coming out is a big decision, and sadly, it is not always safe for a teen to come out to parents (for example, if you think they will react really badly or even become abusive). But it can also be really painful to hide this core aspect of who you are. Luckily, more and more gay teens are finding support either at home, and even if mom and dad don't react exactly as you would like, it is important to know that you can often support from friends, other relatives and outside organizations.

Here a few GLBT teens share their experiences with coming out at home.

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