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Family Life and LGBT Teens

Family is often a very important aspect of teen life. Having a supportive family can make a world of difference for a  LGBT teen and can help teens avoid many pitfalls of transitioning to adult life.
  1. Information for Parents (12)

When Parents Don't Believe You're Gay
Coming out is hard enough, but what should you do when parents don't believe you're gay?

How Can I Deal with the Possibilty of Family Rejection After I Come Out?
The fear of dealing with family rejection after coming out is a big hurdle for a lot of teens. Here are some suggestions for coping with that if it happens.

Gay Teens: Figure Out Your Family
Most lesbian and gay teens are pretty invovled with their families and issues like dealing with homophobia, coming out and just plain getting along often come up.

Can Gay Men and Lesbians Be Parents?
A lot of GLBT teens wonder, can I be a gay parent? The answer is yes!

Famous Gay Dads
There are many different ways to become a parent for gay men and a number of famous gay men have become recently become parents with their partners, or have jumped into fatherhood solo. Here is how some some gay celebrity dads did it.

LGBT Teens' Experiences Coming Out to Parents
Coming out to a parent is never easy and they are a whole bunch of ways they may respond. Here some GLBT teens share their experiences with coming out to mom and dad.

Having Gay Family
Having gay family is pretty common. Here's one family's experience.

Making the Most of Holidays With Your Family
Holidays can be tough for gay teens. Here are some tips for getting through them!

How to Deal With Your Parents' Rules
Information for gay teens on how to deal with your parents' rules.

What Can I Do About Homophobic Parents?
A lot of teens have homophobic parents. This can make life, including the decision to come out, a lot more complicated.

GLBT Teens: How to Handle Homophobia at Home
Almost all teens have problems with their families, but for GLBT teens, these problems can be a little different, especially when the issue is a homophobic parent. Here are some common situations, and suggestions for dealing with homophobia at home.

Family Pride
Information on the group, Family Pride from About's Guide to Gay Life.

Family Rejection
About's Guide to Gay Life discusses family rejection for GLBT individuals.

My Parents Kicked Me Out for Being Gay -- What Can I Do?
A gay teen writes that after he came out as gay, his parents actually kicked him out of the house. Now living with his grandmother, he is looking for help.

My Boyfriend's Homophobic Parents Won't Let Him See Me, What Can I Do?
What can you do when you are a gay teen and your homophobic parents won't let you see your boyfriend? For gay teens living at home, this situation can be devastating.

How to Deal With Strict Parents
It can be hard for gay teens to manage life with strict parents especially if those parents are also homophobic.

How Can I See My Boyfriend More Since My Parents Don't Understand My Being Gay?
A gay teen is prevented from seeing is boyfriend after parents discover their relationship.

My Parents Took Me Out of School When I Came Out. Who Can I Talk to Now?
After telling parents she was gay, a girl is taken out of school.

I'm a Gay 12-Year-Old. Who Can I Talk to?
A gay 12-year-old asks who he can talk to to get support.

When Parents React Badly to Coming Out
Here is information on what to do if a parents reactive badly when a teen comes out.

My Parents Tease Me for Being Lesbian
Parents tease a teen for her sexual orientation.

Gay and Self Hating
A teen writes about feeling self hatred for her same sex attractions.

When Coming Out Hurts Family Relationships
A teen comes out and his mom rejects him.

Teenage Emancipation from Parents
Legal emancipation from parents is an extreme option for gay teens whose parents are abusive or do not support them financially.

My Mom Says I Am Too Young To Know I'm a Lesbian
A teen lesbian wants to know how to deal with a mom who says she is too young to know her sexual orientation.

LGBT Parenting
There are many different ways GLBT folks can become parents

How to Talk to Your Parents
More and more teens are talking to parents about important issues in their lives including their sexual orientations and gender identities. Here are some tips for getting to that place!

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