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Coming Out to Family on New Year's Eve

Some Were Shocked, Others Concerned, but Most Were Supportive


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One teen choose New Year's Eve to come out to his family.

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Coming out to a family member can be one of the most challenging things for a teen to do. Coming out to your whole family at once can make things even more complicated. But for one teen, it was the right choice.

Here, Adventure Seeker, a 15-year-old Mexican American teen from California, who loves books and music, hopes to have kids one day, and refers to his politics as progressive, shares his story of coming out to his entire family on New Year's Eve. He explains that while there were bumps in the road, he is really pleased with how everything eventually turned out.

"I came out to my family on New Year's Eve(my family always has dinners on holidays) when we were all together. Everyone was talking and I just sat there, shaking about what I was going to tell my family.

Towards the end of the dinner I just couldn't stand the nervousness that I felt and just stood up and told them, "I have something to tell you guys." I told them, shaking all the while, about who I was and luckily my older sister and my brother's girlfriend spoke up and said that they loved my and that it wasn't a big deal.

However, my older brother and my other sister were saying that I was too young to know if I was gay or not and that I might be confused right now. My other brother was in shock, but after a while he was just okay with it.

My parents told me that they wanted to talk to me about this later, alone. But, when it was about to be midnight my dad came into my room and told to come out because I was still part of the family and that we should all celebrate New Year's as a family.

A few weeks after I told my family, I had that infamous talk with my parents. They asked me why I thought I was gay, and who manipulated my mind, and all these other weird questions.

I just told them that I know who I am and that I was tired of hiding who I was from my family.

This was around a year and a half ago and now me and my whole family are closer than ever and I can talk to them about whatever I want.

It turned out that my parents just had questions about gay people, their lifestyle, and were just worried about me getting hurt and stuff.

I actually told all my friends a few days before I told my family which really gave me the courage to come out to them in the first place. Most, if not all, of my friends were shocked to hear that I was gay because they think I'm not the 'typical' gay guy, which was king of funny.

I have a lot of different groups of friends and I thought some of them wouldn't accept me and would want to stop being my friend, but contrary to my fears, they all had appreciated that I was being truthful to not only them, but also to myself.

Almost two years later, I'm happy that I came out when I did because I can now live my life without having the big burden of being outed or being figured out. Now, I can hang out with my girlfriends and play sports with my guy friends without having to hide myself in a cloud of doubt or insecurity."

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