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Gay Teens' Top 10 Love & Sex Questions

What Are the Most Pressing Gay Teen Concerns?


The GLBT teens community forum is a great place for gay teens to get answers to their questions. Here are ten of the most common questions asked there.

1. Do Lesbians Even Notice Straight Girls?

lesbian gay pride
Image (c) faery boots
A self-described straight girl with a crush on a lesbian wants to know if she has a shot!

2. I'm Gay and a Girl Asked Me Out...

i heart gay
Image (c) roel1943
A gay teen who hasn't come out yet wants to know what to do when girl asks him out.

3. I'm a Straight Female Attracted to an FTM Transgender Man

Sign at the Trans March
Image (c) Transguyjay
When a straight girl finds herself attracted to an FTM transgender man, her ideas about herself are challenged.

4. How Can I Tell My Friends I Like Other Girls?

Photo (c) Michael Illuchine
When you are just figuring out that you are gay, lesbian or bisexual, passing this information on to your friends can be tough!

5. How Do I Meet Guys Who Want More Than Sex?

is it love
is it love
What do you do when the people you meet are only interested in sex and not in relationships?

6. What Should I Do Now That My Crush & I Will be at Different Schools?

A teen worries about how she will deal if she and her crush end up at different schools next year.

7. Should I Dump My Sex Obsessed Boyfriend?

should I dump my boyfriend
Image (c) Some Toast
If your partner wants to have sex and you don't, does this mean the end of the relationship?

8. I'm a Guy with a Girlfriend & Confused About My Sexual Orientation

teen couple
Image (c) karpov the wrecked train
How can a guy with the girlfriend deal with the fact that he might be gay?

9. What Counts As Cheating?

questioning being gay
Image (c) Leo Reynolds
Where do you draw the line? Is flirting okay? What about kissing? Weigh in with your thoughts here!

10. How Do You Have Sex With the Same Sex, & Is it Good to Do That?

is it ok to have sex with the same sex
Ellen Friedrichs
What do same sex couples do in bed and is doing those things okay?

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