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Gay Teen Dating

From Crushes to Relationships


If you are a gay teen, dating is probably on your mind. Here's what you need to know about moving from having a crush to having a healthy relationship.

1. How to Handle Gay Teen Crushes

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If you're like most teens you'll have a crush at some point. But gay teen crushes, whether they are on another GLBT teen, a straight classmate, or even a teacher can present some challenges.

2. How Can I Tell Someone Likes Me?

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A really common question from gay teens is, "How can I tell if someone likes me?" Because there are fewer "rules" for same sex relationships than there are for opposite sex reltionships, figuring out what's going on can be extra confusing. Knowing if someone is or isn't gay can help give you a little more insight. However, if signs are really ambiguous, and could mean a number of things, then you might just have to take a deep breath and make the first move.

3. What Can You Do If You're Gay & Like Someone Straight?

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It is totally normal to have a crush whether or not the person you are crushing on is gay or straight. Unfortunately, if someone is straight, it is pretty unlikely that things will turn out exactly as you hope. Of course, the same could be said if he was gay. Just because we like someone, doesn't mean that they will like us back. Still, having some strategies to deal with the situation can help.

4. The Benefits to Same Sex Dating

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In many ways, GLBT teens have it a lot harder than straight teens when it comes to dating. It can be more challenging to meet potential partners, you might have to hide a relationship from your parents and friends, and going out publicly could expose you to homophobic reactions. That being said there are also some benefits!

5. Great Date Ideas & Safety Tips for Gay Teens

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In some ways, gay teens have the same dating concerns as their straight peers: what should we do, how much will it cost and will I have fun? But in other ways there are some different concerns. For example, will going on a date "out" me and is it safe to hang out with my same sex date in public?

6. 6 Things You Need to Know About Gay Teen Dating & Relationships

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Just because dating and meeting other GLBT teens can be tricky, that doesn't mean doing so is impossible! Lots of gay teens date and have successful relationships. Here's are five things gay teens need to know about dating and relationships.

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