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How to Handle Gay Teen Crushes

What GLBT Teens Can Do When Cupid Strikes


If you're like most teens you'll have a crush at some point. But gay teen crushes, whether they are on another GLBT teen, a straight classmate, or even a teacher can present some challenges.

1. Are You Crushing or Obsessing?

gay teen love
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When does a normal crush cross the line into obsession territory? One sign is when you can't think about anything else. Find out some of the others here.

2. I Like This Guy, But He's Straight! What Do I Do?

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A 13-year-old boy wants to know what to do about his crush on a straight classmate. He gets advice from me, as well as from another teen.

3. I'm a Straight Girl with a Crush on Another Girl

love heart
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Sometimes crushes can challenge a lot of our ideas about ourselves. In this case, a girl who considers herself straight wants to know what a crush on another girl means.

4. Gay Teens & Teacher Crushes

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Gay teens might find themselves in the position of having a crush on a teacher. Normal? Yes! Confusing? Definitely. Find out how to deal with these feelings and how to avoid potentially sketchy situations.

5. How Do I Know If I'm in Love

is it love
is it love
Crushes aren't the only thing on gay teens' minds. Sometimes the feelings seem a lot more intense. But are you in love? Here are some signs.

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