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Gay Teens Can Survive a Break Up!

Tips for GLBT Young People Dealing With a Split


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Logically you might know that it is possible to be a gay teen and survive a break up. But logic isn't always the first thing on your mind when things with your sweetie go south.

Breaking up is rarely fun. Neither is figuring out what to do after a relationship is dead and buried. Do you cut your ex off completely? Try to stay friends? Hook-up from time to time? There's no one answer that works for everyone.

But for gay teens there is often an added complication: your ex might be one of the few people who you were out to or who supported you for being gay. Add that to the fact that you simply might not know a lot of GLBT teens, and the option to totally break off communication with an ex often becomes a tricky one. As a result of lot of gay teens stay friends with someone they used to date. But whether or not that's what you decide, you still need to deal with how you feel about the relationship ending.

About's Guide to Teen Advice offers these 7 tips to surviving a break-up:

  1. Be Nice To Yourself
  2. Accept Your Single Status
  3. Recognize and Release Your Feelings
  4. Remember Your Ex's Flaws
  5. Get a New Hobby
  6. Don't Obsess About What Went Wrong

If possible, try to find someone you can talk to about what you are going to. If you aren't comfortable talking to a family member or friend, consider talking to a counselor. Another option is to reach out to other gay teens on the GLBT Teens forum. A lot of them have gone through break-ups of their own and can offer advice, not to mention commiseration.

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