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Dating, Friends & Meeting Other GLBT Teens

Dating and meeting other GLBT teens can be tricky. Not everyone is "out" and there are safety issues to think about when meeting people online. However, there are some good organizations and tools that can help teens interested in dating and making friends.
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Gay Teens Top 10 Love & Sex Questions
From how to tell if you are in love to having sex for the first time, here are gay teens top 10 love and sex questions.

Gay Teens: Internet Safety and How to Be Smart Online
Finding a GLBT community on the Internet can be really freeing for gay teens, but it is really important to think about Internet safety and privacy and to be smart and careful about what you post online!

GLBT Youth Centers
Find a GLBT youth center in your area!

GLBT Teens and Public Displays of Affection
Some GLBT teens are very comfortable with public displays of affection. Others aren't.

If He Cheated on the Last Guy, Will My Boyfriend Cheat on Me?
A teen worries that his boyfriend will cheat on him.

After a Relationship, Can You Just Be Friends With Benefits?
After a dating relationship, is it possible to go back to just being friends with benefits?

How Do You Ask Someone Out So it is Clear You Are Asking for a Date?
Here's how to make sure the person you ask out knows you are talking about going on a date.

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