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What to Do What a Gay Teen's First Kiss Doesn't End As Hoped?


gay kiss

gay kiss

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Question: What to Do What a Gay Teen's First Kiss Doesn't End As Hoped?
A first kiss can be really important for gay teens. So how can you deal if the person you share yours with doesn't feel the same way?
Answer: A teen writes:

"When someone you care about takes your very first kiss, that means something right???? What should you do when he texts later and he says he just wanted to see what kind of person you are? What's worse, you go to school with him, and then you tell him you like him and he just says, he doesn't feel the same to your face, then minutes later you see on Facebook that he is in a relationship and you know it's not you."

This sounds really hard! For a lot of gay teens a first kiss is a really big deal and to have your first kiss with someone you like, but who doesn't feel the same is no fun!

Unfortunately, we put a lot of weight on firsts and the first kiss is "supposed" to be this magical thing. So when it doesn't go the way we hope, it can be pretty upsetting.

Remember, just because this kiss didn't go the way you hoped or expected, there are going to be a lot of other kisses in you future and in time, this one won't seem as important. Since you are in school together, it might be hard to avoid this guy. But honestly, he sounds kind of unpleasant, so try to remind yourself that there are a lot nicer guys out there to kiss!

Luckily, crushes often fade over time, and they are also usually less intense if you develop feelings for a new person. Is there anyone else who interests you? If not, you might want to consider trying to meet someone new.

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