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"Why Am I Gay?" and Other Real Teen Questions About GLBT Life


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"Why Am I Gay?" and Other Teen Questions About GLBT Life
question is there a gay gene

Teen Question Submitted Anonymously to Ellen: "Is there a gay gene?"

Image (c) Ellen Friedrichs

Over the years, I have run workshops on GLBT issues at high schools and colleges where participants will ask anonymous questions on pieces of paper. These are questions like, why am I gay?, what is a bisexual?, and is lesbianism ok?

From the start I was so intrigued by the questions that I held on to them. These days, I have hundreds of questions scribbled on tiny pieces of paper, occupying a few shoe boxes on my desk. Here, along with the answers, are a few of my favorites...

Oh, and for the record, so far as scientists can tell, there is no one gay gene.

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