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Lesbian and Bisexual Teen Girls Share Their Coming Out Experiences


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Lindsey's Coming Out Experieince
bisexual elevator
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Lindsey says:

"I don't really know if I'm gay or bi yet, all I know is that I like other girls. I guess I've always been attracted to girls, but I just realized a few months ago that it was called being gay and that it was okay.

Most of my friends are girls, and I'm really afraid to tell them because I'm afraid they'll think I'm going to hit on them or something, even though I just see them as friends.

2 girls in my grade have come out for being bi, and everyone's talking about it and there are loads of rumors about them and stuff. I'm just so sick of leaving my friends in the dark.

I've only come out to this 1 really cool girl, but she guessed."

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