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What Are the Risks & Benefits to Coming Out?


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Question: What Are the Risks & Benefits to Coming Out?
Should you come out? There are risks and benefits to coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, so it is important to consider them.

Coming out is a big decision. A lot of gay teens fear that coming out will be really risky. And while there are indeed risks to telling people that you are GLBT, there are also a lot of benefits.

Here are some risks and benefits to coming out.

Risks to Coming Out

  • You might encounter homophobia.
  • Your friends and family might treat you differently.
  • You might lose friends.
  • Your parents might kick you out and you could be homeless.
  • People might feel uncomfortable around you.
  • You might be asked a lot of personal questions.
  • Not everyone will be understanding or accepting.
  • You might lose financial support from your parents.
  • You might experience harassment or discrimination.
  • People might tease or bully you.

Benefits to Coming Out

Coming out is a big decision, and while more and more teens (and pre-teens) are coming out than ever, it isn't the right choice for everyone. But thinking about the risks and the benefits to coming out can definitely help you decide if it is something you are ready to do.

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