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What's It Like Coming Out to Friends

GLBT Teens Share Their Experiences


What's It Like Coming Out to Friends

You might be pleasantly surprised if you choose to come out to a friend.

Coming out to friends can be scary and a lot of teens wonder how to come out to people they might share almost everything else with.

In fact, a reader actually posted a poll on the Gay Teens forum asking who GLBT teens came out to first. Though the majority of respondents hadn't told anyone yet, a lot of those who had come out to friends had a positive experience.

Read on to hear some teens' experiences with coming out.

Jayy says:

"my freshman year of high school, i was so confused on what to do. but i trusted my best friend, and she is pretty cool with that kind of stuff, so i just told her. it is such a relief to tell someone instead of keeping all that emotion inside. even this forum helps you know? it may be so scary to tell someone for the first time, but just go for it, you will feel so much better."

Mark S. says:

"I came out as gay when two of my friends had came out as bi :] Best thing i did." --Mark S.

Arecelius says:

"my best friend is bi, and it was actually really easy coming out to her. I didnt even really plan it. We were mostly just talking about some girls and I was like "wouldnt being bi be cool, cause you get to date anyone in the world!" and she was like "ummm, dont be mad, but i think i migt be bi..." and so i basically just said "me too!" Its really no big deal with friends, but the hard part is parents. It'll be a long time before i can bring myself to do that..."

Tony says:

"I came out a year ago. I'm a 9th grader. I thought naturally people would most likely be immature about it in my grade level but people were cool about it. I didn't lose any friends but people were taking time to get used to it but it didn't take very long. Nobody treats me differently. The sooner you get it over with the faster people will adjust. [Before I came out,] people suspected me and I always told them no. They forgave me. They kinda understood."

Brandy says:

"I just started out by telling my friends about my other bisexual friends. They were very disturbed by my bi friends. I didn't care I still told them I am a bisexual that is who I am. I am proud of me and if you don't want to be my friend because of such a silly thing as to who I like, then ok, that's fine."

Homophobia can be pretty blatant in high school with people saying things like that's so gay, every time they think something is stupid, or calling each other "fags" as insults constantly. But despite the fact that homophobia might seem rampant, it is great to know that a lot of GLBT teens have supportive friends.

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