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Does Masturbating Make Me Gay?


got lube

got lube

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Question: Does Masturbating Make Me Gay?

The other day I got this question from a 15-year-old boy: Does masturbating make me gay?

The answer is, no. But because a lot of people have misinformation about both masturbation and sexual orientation, it's a pretty common question.

Masturbation refers to touching your body, often your genitals, for sexual pleasure. It's perfectly normal and healthy and something that a lot of people do throughout their lives whether they are male or female, single or in a relationship, gay or hetero.

Masturbating isn't a sign that a person is gay, nor will it make someone gay. Sexual orientation is something that is far too complex to be affected by whether or not you make yourself orgasm. And really, touching yourself is quite different that having a same sex partner touch you.

It's also not a sign that a person is a pervert, lonely, or hard up. It's simply a way to be sexual solo.

Some people are offended by masturbation. Others belong to cultural groups or religions that frown on touching oneself. But whatever someone's personal belief, it's important to know that there is no medical or emotional damage caused by masturbating. In fact, it is actually a good way to learn about your body and be sexual without risking an STD.

Look, a lot of people masturbate and a lot don't. But whatever you decide is your business and shouldn't be based on your feelings or concerns about sexual orientation.

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