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College Coming Out: Student Tips


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Greek Life: Coming Out in Fraternities and Sororities
College Coming Out: Student Tips

A yellow rose is a symbol of the gay fraternity, Delta Lambda Phi.

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Though many people are open-minded about GLBT issues in college, Greek life, can be a tough thing for gay students to navigate. An ex-Greek student at American University offers this perspective:

“I would say that each frat has a different attitude towards gays. Some are remarkably mature with the idea, but others are openly homophobic and see their fraternity as reserved for "real men". I was not out in the frat. There is an enormous pressure for guys to get girls in bed and those who don't are labeled as gay.

A straight student involved in Greek life at another private university offers a different perspectve:

“Greek life here is very different from any of the stereotypes which, frankly, is why I became interested in the first place. While the [sorority] I'm in right now is only an honorary on campus, it operates pretty much like a formal sorority. Our college as a whole operates on an Honor Code that calls for "moral excellence" and for its students to "act at all times worthy of the blessings of liberty." It promotes respect, honor and decency and I think that it [this honor code] undoubtedly positively influences the actions of the Greek system at the school. Just because this college is largely made up of Christian Conservatives does not mean there is any intentional gay bashing in the Greek system here.”

There are also a few gay and lesbian fraternities and sororities, so if Greek life is a big thing on your campus, and you are interested in getting involved in it, this would be worth looking into.

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